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Fish and Amphibian Vivarium

Stanford University,CA


This fish facility was designed to house sticklebacks and zebrafish for research.

The Laboratory is located in the hospital buildings of Stanford which brought the project under the jurisdiction of the OSHPD.

Most of the equipment was custom made without any UL listed numbers requiring structural seismic calculations.

The 4-hour ceiling had varied penetrations that needed to be closed with UL listed assemblies.


The labs had artificially simulated day and night cycles, antimicrobial finishes were used, electrical outlets were sealed with putty, and the light fixtures were gasket-sealed to prevent any accidental falling of debris from the plenum.

The custom tank systems had specific water temperature requirements, the HVAC system had to factor in the massive volumes of water in the rooms which was pre-cooled using the return waterline from building, HVAC system for energy efficiency.

These Labs were designed to meet the NIH (National Institute of Health) requirements in order to secure funding.



Mouse Vivarium

Stanford University, CA


This 1200 sq ft  mouse facility was designed to identify biological mechanisms that are effected by stress.


The vivarium needed a new HVAC system. The ducting was brought down from an existing courtyard and blended with skill to reduce its aesthetic impact and mitigating sound.


Other building challenges like falling in OSHPD jurisdiction, UL listed fire rated assemblies, NIH requirements were very similar to the fish facilty.



Maria worked as a Job Captain for the vivariums during Construction Administration Phase at Kornberg associates in Menlo Park California.



Fish Vivarium