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Residence in Sunnyvale

Residence in Sunnyvale

This sunnyvale home has a full potential of being a sustainable home. The home is located very suitably near public transport and the train station. It is located a mile and a half from the downtown.

The property has a mature Magnolia and a Redwood tree and they may be contibuting to further reducing the carbon footprint of the homeowners.

The existing home was also bought considering the orientation of the house with respect to the sun, its efficient floorplan as is and the potential of easily adding a second floor along with the consideration that the floorplan works well with the lifestyle of homeowners.

The homeowners feel the need of a dedicated home office and more space for their growing family.

Along with the addition the existing envelope will be tightened up to achieve more energy efficency though addtion of insulation and using strategies to reduce air infiltration.

Current study shows that the energy use of the home is very low to be able to recoup the investment in solar technologies in fifteen years.


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